Hunting Guidelines Regulations by Province in Canada

Being a smart hunter is knowing, in advance, the rules. Abusing the rules hurts all of us. So, to help you out, we have put together this guide that lists the hunting rules and regulations for each province and territory in Canada.

As these pages will be updated yearly by each province, make sure you check  in the late spring so that you can make sure you are aware of any changes that may affect the area in which you wish to hunt.

Most of these main pages will take you to other pages specific to what you wish to hunt, such as moose hunting, deer hunting, elk hunting, bird hunting. There is also information on when the draws take place and how to get into the draws.

No matter what you enjoy, you should be able to use these links below to get to the main area and then search for more from there.

Alberta Hunting Guidelines/Regulations
British Columbia Hunting Guidelines/Regulations
Manitoba Hunting Guidelines/Regulations
Ontario Hunting Guidelines/Regulations
Quebec Hunting Guidelines/Regulations
New Brunswick Hunting Guidelines/Regulations
Nova Scotia Hunting Guidelines/Regulations
Newfoundland and Labrador Hunting Guidelines/Regulations
Saskatchewan Hunting Guidelines/Regulations

Yukon Territory Hunting Guidelines/Regulations
Northwest Territories Hunting Guidelines/Regulations
Nanavut Hunting Guidelines/Regulations


Alberta Big Horn Sheep Sets Record

We all know that Alberta is a hunters paradise with some of the hunting in the world. In fact, Boone and Crockett Club list that Alberta is home to the four records in this category. Now add the world record to Alberta’s trophy case! This recent sheep that was just killed by a vehicle was measured and confirmed at 209 4/8″.

Photo courtesy of Boone and Crockett
Photo courtesy of Boone and Crockett

The rancher had watched the 14 year-old ram for years come down from the mountains to lick road salt and always wondered if it would be the last time. Unfortunately the ram was killed by a vehicle. You sort of wonder what that vehicle must look like after this collision. The Calgary Sun has the rest of the story here.


How To Build An Igloo

For many of us it has been a long, cold and snowy winter. A lot of us really don’t care about that, especially if your a winter hunter. We’re not a bunch of sissy metro-sexuals who worry about getting salt stains on those fancy shoes. Heck, if you’re like me then you’ve spent many hours perched up in a tree with blowing winds or on the crest of a hill, watching across the valley, lying in waist-deep snow when it’s 30 below. That’s what we do when we hunt.

So, for those of you that do prefer the hunting lifestyle, have you ever thought about building an igloo? I used to build then in my back yard simply by piling up all the snow, packing it down, then tunneling inside and carving out an inner section that I could use as an igloo.

But what about the true definition of building an igloo. Right, I am talking about taking snow blocks and building it in the traditional fashion. Ever tried it? I have heard there is an art to building an igloo.

Maybe this is the year to give it a shot. And, to learn just how to do it, check out this great video I came across.  It will show you just how to build an igloo.

We may just give this a try out for ourselves and see how it works. Let us know if you try it because we are curious to see anything you come up with.